I’m a Mac

I know, long time, no post. This summer I bought a new notebook and finally got  the Mac that I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been looking to make a purchase since I gave away my Powerbook 1400cs around 2002. Since I switched platforms (I had a  Dell notebook running Windows XP) I’ve had to rethink …

Fireworks vs Photoshop

After seeing a discussion over at Digital Web Magazine I started thinking about which program I prefer and why. Pretty much since the beginning I’ve been a Photoshop advocate. I was an Adobe girl through and through and it was years before I had even heard of Macromedia (my first introduction was through Dreamweaver). When …


Currently evaluating some open-source CMS for future client projects. On the list are Drupal, Mambo and maybe TextPattern. There was an initial concern that TextPattern wouldn’t be able to handle upcoming projects but an inspiration site has changed that thought. With the right plug-ins, this could really work.