Snow Day Photo Trek

It’s funny that I’m finally getting around to posting these photos. Today, we had the first measurable snow at my house since I took these photos in 2011. I grew up in the south so I don’t really like cold weather but I’m fascinated by snow.

Snow Maryland Photos 1 of 5

Snowy Day in Maryland 1 of 5 (click to enlarge)

The day that it snowed I threw on my boots and wandered around my neighborhood in awe. It was so quiet and beautiful. Just me and the sounds of snow crunching under my boots. I have a backlog of photos I wanted to process so I kept pushing these photos back.

Snow Maryland Photos 2 of 5

Snowy Day in Maryland 2 of 5 (click to enlarge)

I finally got around to them this week and realized that I should have made some exposure adjustments while shooting. I’ve since learned while reading my copy of Understanding Exposure that I should have bracketed against the sky and not the snow.

Snow Maryland Photos 3 of 5

Snowy Day in Maryland 3 of 5 (click to enlarge)

I had the damndest time processing these photos in Lightroom. Removing the blue tint that snow normally causes. Brightening the snow but not so much that I lost the shadows.

Snow Maryland Photos 4 of 5

Snowy Day in Maryland 4 of 5 (click to enlarge)

I learned a LOT during this process. I am looking forward to warmth of Spring and cherry blossoms. Look for those photos in the coming month.

Snow Maryland Photos 5 of 5

Snowy Day in Maryland 5 of 5 (click to enlarge)