Data Studio

Twitter Dashboard Version 1

This is an example of a Twitter Analytics dashboard that I created for a social justice organization. Their activity is proprietary information so I used my own Twitter data as example data. Twitter CSV data was uploaded to Google Sheets, cleaned, and then linked to Data Studio.

Google Sheets

Twitter Dashboard Version 2

This is version 2 of the Twitter Dashboard and it's built in Google Sheets. Twitter CSV data was uploaded to Google Sheets and then cleaned. The dashboard runs on several formulas, conditional formatting, and pivot tables to highlight specific data categories.


Zero to Pandas Course Project: 2017 Halloween Candy Survey

My final course project for the Zero to Pandas Course was an Exploratory Data Analysis Project. I analyzed survey data of 100+ questions answered by 2000+ respondents using Python in a Jupyter notebook. Data cleaning and analysis was done with Python and the Pandas and NumPy libraries. Data visualization was done with Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries.