Conferences – The Relook

As of yet, I still haven’t been able to go to a conference. I had planned on going this year but sometimes life has a habit of changing plans. I’m subscribed to An Event Apart’s mailing list so I get emails every once and a while when they have an update on the conferences. Today, they sent out an email announcing the 2010 conference schedule. I looked at the schedule and thought maybe next year I can go to Boston or maybe they’ll be in a city that’s closer. And then I saw it. AN EVENT APART IS COMING TO DC!!!!!  I just need to save the duckets between now and when registration opens. I am so excited.


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about going to a design conference. I feel that I could benefit from meeting designers outside of my local area. Sadly, due to finances I haven’t been able to go before now. I AM making a point to rectify this in 2009. Some early possibilities on my list are An Event Apart in Boston, and Future of Web Design which may be in November again. I just came across the website for South By Southwest but it’s in March and that timetable is too tight.