Canon 50D vs Rebel T1i

I’m in the market for a dSLR camera and the choice is narrowed down to two of Canon’s models. The 50D and the Rebel T1i. I have a point-and-shoot SD1100IS and it’s a great little camera. But, and there’s a big but for me, it’s not fast enough to catch sudden movements. It also doesn’t take the really crisp photos that I want. So, I know it’s time to move up a level to a “prosumer” camera. I thought, and read, and thought and figured out what camera I wanted. Then I read some more and got confused all over again. I have it settled now. After seeing the pictures that the Rebel line can take, I am sold. The Rebel T1i will the step up I need without being too bulky or too expensive. I woulld really like a 50D but you have to crawl before you can walk. I don’t have the extra time right now to take an inperson photography class so I’m learning on my own. So, while I’m solo learning I want to get a good foundation before I spend a lot more money on a camera in the 50D range. (The 5D range is WAY out of my league.) Now, it’s just a matter of putting in the order and getting my camera, lens and UV filters.

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