Redesign Revisited

I’m still working on this redesign. Designing/Redesigning something for yourself is SO much harder than working for someone else. I have some sketches and functional specs written in my sketch book. I’ve been writing things down for months but I just haven’t been able to make my ideas more tangible. Some of it’s lack of time needed for my own project, some of it’s because I’m a perfectionist and can be very hard on myself. Then there’s a sprinkling of not giving myself a timeline and sticking to it. I was going through my Google Reader account and I noticed an article called Redesigning Your Own Site by Lea Alcantara. I put it into my shared folder in the beginning of August. I don’t remember reading it before, but boy does it hit close to home. I’ve followed Lea over at Lealea Design for a few years and I really like her tidbits, especially her write up on Self-Branding. Her article made me realize that when it comes to personal projects I have to STICK to using the same procedure that I’d use for freelance or even projects at my full-time job. Sometimes I would do it and sometimes I’d think “oh it’s just for me. I can wing this.” NOT! *giggle* So, this weekend I promise to myself that I’ll start putting these wireframes into Fireworks and start fleshing out some design possibilities. I may even post images while in progress. This is going to be fun.

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