Food Photography

My interest in food photography developed because I love to cook and bake and share with others. I like posting recipes and showing off the final product. I’m reading and learning how to take better shots to make the food look really appealing. Example: A photo I took in January versus one that I took this month.



Yes, I used different cameras, a Point and Shoot vs a dSLR but the angles and lighting are different. Overhead vs eye-level. Florescent lighting vs natural light. I still have some more work to do but the second shot is a vast improvement.

I got my camera

I picked up a Rebel T1i 3 weeks ago and I am IN LOVE! I didn’t want the kit but the camera shop had an open box and with the discount it cost about the same as a body only. The images are so clear and crisp and I just kept taking picture after picture. I filled a 4GB memory card on the first day. LOL Canon has their own program so you can work with RAW files but now I have to hash out whether I want Lightroom or Aperture or to just stay with Digital Photo Professional. I am planning on getting an additional lens. Either I buy the 50 mm 1.8 when I get paid, or I save up and get the 50mm 1.4 in a month.

Canon 50D vs Rebel T1i

I’m in the market for a dSLR camera and the choice is narrowed down to two of Canon’s models. The 50D and the Rebel T1i. I have a point-and-shoot SD1100IS and it’s a great little camera. But, and there’s a big but for me, it’s not fast enough to catch sudden movements. It also doesn’t take the really crisp photos that I want. So, I know it’s time to move up a level to a “prosumer” camera. I thought, and read, and thought and figured out what camera I wanted. Then I read some more and got confused all over again. I have it settled now. After seeing the pictures that the Rebel line can take, I am sold. The Rebel T1i will the step up I need without being too bulky or too expensive. I woulld really like a 50D but you have to crawl before you can walk. I don’t have the extra time right now to take an inperson photography class so I’m learning on my own. So, while I’m solo learning I want to get a good foundation before I spend a lot more money on a camera in the 50D range. (The 5D range is WAY out of my league.) Now, it’s just a matter of putting in the order and getting my camera, lens and UV filters.

Redesign Revisited

I’m still working on this redesign. Designing/Redesigning something for yourself is SO much harder than working for someone else. I have some sketches and functional specs written in my sketch book. I’ve been writing things down for months but I just haven’t been able to make my ideas more tangible. Some of it’s lack of time needed for my own project, some of it’s because I’m a perfectionist and can be very hard on myself. Then there’s a sprinkling of not giving myself a timeline and sticking to it. I was going through my Google Reader account and I noticed an article called Redesigning Your Own Site by Lea Alcantara. I put it into my shared folder in the beginning of August. I don’t remember reading it before, but boy does it hit close to home. I’ve followed Lea over at Lealea Design for a few years and I really like her tidbits, especially her write up on Self-Branding. Her article made me realize that when it comes to personal projects I have to STICK to using the same procedure that I’d use for freelance or even projects at my full-time job. Sometimes I would do it and sometimes I’d think “oh it’s just for me. I can wing this.” NOT! *giggle* So, this weekend I promise to myself that I’ll start putting these wireframes into Fireworks and start fleshing out some design possibilities. I may even post images while in progress. This is going to be fun.

New look coming

I’ve been thinking about doing a redesign for…well almost as soon as I finished the current design. LOL This one won’t be for purely aesthetic purposes though. I’ve decided that this site doesn’t fully reflect my creative outlets so I’m looking to add my artwork and photography in the new design. Along with that I’ll be registering my name as an additional domain for this site. I have lots of plans underway and I’ve seen so much inspiration recently. Wish me luck.